La ligue des activités scientifiques et techniques de jeunes de la wilaya de Bejaia

Ligue Wilayale des Activités Scientifiques et Techniques de Jeunes de Tizi Ouzou

Ligue de promotion des activités de loisir de l'enfance

Association des Petits Débrouillards Algériens

Ligue des Activités Scientifiques et Technques des Jeunes_Sétif

Rumah KIR Indonesia

Center for Young Scientist

Indonesian Young Scientist Association 

International Partnership from Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association

Science, Societies & Public

Jamshedpur College

Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad

Korea Science Service

Science Technology Education Association


Specialized lyceum No 92 named after Mahatma Gandhi

Youth Foundation “Vertikale”

Association des Petits Débrouillards de Fès

Science et Développement

SMK Abdul Rahman Talibia

MJSC Ghafar Baba

Expo for Young Environmentalist

Oman National Commission_ESC

Oman Ministry of Education

Oman Science Club

Advanced Educational Scientific Center of MVLomonosov Moscow St. University-A.N. Kolmogorov School

Sakha Junior Science Academy

St. Basil School

TPU Lyceum

Tomsk Polytechnic University

Municipal budget educational institution Secondary School-School of the future

School 171

Science Society of Thailand

The Institute for the Promotion of Science Teaching

Talented Youth Academy

Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists


Joining MILSET is adhering to its charter; to a movement which is concerned about today's world, which participates in the local development of scientific and technical education in leisure time, which promotes international cooperation, sustainable development, citizenship and peace by practicing sciences and technology in a spirit of respect, understanding and solidarity within different geographic and spiritual communities.