MILSET Asia Ulzahan Yessirkap Award Excellence Award for Girls


The Ulzahan Yessirkap Excellence Award is given, in every MILSET Expo-Sciences that takes place in Asia, in memory of a Kazakh girl student and MILSET member Ulzahan Yessirkap.

Ulzahan Yessirkap

Ulzahan Yessirkap is the name of a Kazakh girl who passed away in a car accident during her participation in the first MILSET Expo-sciences Asia in Kuwait in 2010.


  • The winner should be under 18 years old.
  • The organising committee chooses a volunteer girl from the host country who has excelled in scientific activities. 
  • The girl should be a participant in the Expo-Sciences Asia.
  • She should be excellent in scientific activities.
  • She should have a history in the participation in expo-sciences locally and internationally.
  • She should have been doing volunteer tasks or social activities.
  • The laureate will be announced at the Expo-Sciences Closing Ceremony and will receive a trophy and a certificate.


Year Winner Country Occasion
2013 Fouzia Al-Mansouri United Arab Emirates ESI 2013
2013 Muna Al-Hammadi United Arab Emirates ESI 2013
2019 Meera Mazrouei  United Arab Emirates ESI 2019