ESI Young Scientists Award


The MILSET Young Scientists Award is presented during the MILSET Expo-Sciences International, to a delegation composed either of 9 to 12 year old participants or to a delegation that includes that age group.


As specified in the MILSET ESI Standards, the target age group for MILSET Expo-Sciences International is from 13 to 25 years old.
However, MILSET encourages the participation of children, including a special program for 9 to 12  year-old students attending ESI. In some countries, these students are participating in activities called “Les Petits Débrouillards” or “ Pandillas Científicas”.


  • The organisation must be a MILSET member.
  • The organisation has never received this award.
  • The organisation is not hosting the event.



The jury bases its decision on the observed behaviour of the participants, supervisors and delegation leader. In particular, the jury focuses on qualities such as:

  • Exemplary behaviour;
  • Interactivity and communication with the public and participants of others delegations;
  • Innovation in the presentation of their projects or special activities organised by the delegation.



The organisation receives a trophy and a certificate at the MILSET Expo-Sciences International Closing Ceremony.



  • A jury of three (3) persons chaired by a MILSET Executive Committee Member.
  • Approval by the MILSET Executive Committee.



Country Occasion
Czech Republic ESI 2013
Malaysia ESI 2013
Mexico ESI 2013
Nigeria ESI 2013
Russia ESI 2013
Venezuela ESI 2013