About MILSET Africa


MILSET Africa, the regional African platform of MILSET, in English IMLAST (International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and technology) is an International organization dedicated to educate and introduce various cultures in science and technology for youngsters in Africa.

The idea is to promote science activities outside an academic environment and to create international exchanges.

All the members and partners share a common field, working in the area of activities in science and technology, which make them different from other organizations.

Our target group are youngsters, not forbidding others who may gain from them. Our activities are based on using scientific methods by observing, experimenting questioning and analyzing information.

In 2005 the MILSET Africa directorate was established in Santiago, Chile.

The first Expo-Sciences Africa was awarded to Namibia and was subsequently held in Windhoek, during September 2006. This biannual International African Expo-Science exhibition is the main activity of MILSET Africa.

The 2nd Expo-Sciences Africa was scheduled to take place in September 2008 in Libya, Tripoli.

The 3rd Expo-Sciences Africa took place in Le Port, Reunion in June 2010.

Our objectives are to:

  • Train individuals
  • Foster activities like Petits Debrouillards

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