ESI Cultural Award


The Cultural Award is presented during the MILSET Expo-sciences International, to a delegation participating to the current ESI. This award is presented to the delegation whose performance during the ESI cultural evening shows preparation, practice, and the full participation of the delegation while reflecting the unique culture of their country.


  • The organisation must be a MILSET member.
  • The organisation never received this award.

The organisation receives a trophy and a certificate at the ESI Closing Ceremony.

Selection by the MILSET Executive Committee


Year Organisation Country Occasion
2013 All delegations from Paraguay Paraguay ESI 2013
2015 The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology Thailand ESI 2015
2017 RED Nacional de Actividades Juveniles en Ciencia y TecnologĂ­a Mexico ESI 2017
2019 National Network of Science and Technology RED Mexico ESI 2019
2019 FECITEC Girasoles Paraguay ESI 2019
2023 MILSET Brazil & FENECIT Brazil ESI 2023
2023 NTSEC Taiwan ESI 2023