MILSET Asia Office is the first regional office for MILSET to be established in 1987. It represents one of the biggest continents with a diversity of cultures, ethnic groups, origins and religions. 

Kuwait was chosen to be  MILSET Asia's headquarters and together with many Asian countries are high-tech and state- of –the- art.

Young Citizen Conferences for ASEAN & other Asian Countrie


Organisers: DRSI

Virtual, Indonesia

Type: Congress / forum / workshop

Level: International

Audience: Youth

Participants: 200

Ages: 13 - 18

Fee: Free

Language: English


Joining MILSET is adhering to its charter; to a movement which is concerned about today's world, which participates in the local development of scientific and technical education in leisure time, which promotes international cooperation, sustainable development, citizenship and peace by practicing sciences and technology in a spirit of respect, understanding and solidarity within different geographic and spiritual communities.