MILSET Expo-Sciences International 2025

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MILSET Expo-Sciences

Dear MILSET Members


Embark on the Journey to the Future of STEAM at MILSET ESI 2025!


MILSET ESI 2025 is planned to be an unprecedented event, showcasing the most exceptional Young STEM Projects from across the globe.


Select the Best Projects!


We encourage you to consider the following criteria as a must in your MILSET ESI 2025 delegation projects selection:

  • Innovation: Seek out breakthrough projects that challenge norms and pioneer new frontiers.
  • Impact: Prioritize initiatives with the power to spark change and transform communities.
  • Quality: Embrace exemplary projects that uphold the highest standards of research and execution.
  • Diversity: Celebrate a rich tapestry of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives from around the world.
  • Collaboration: Champion teamwork-driven projects that inspire synergy and cooperation.
  • Sustainability: Opt for long-term solutions that promote environmental and social well-being.

In addition, the projects must be developed on the scientific method with rigour and creativity:

  • Clear Purpose and Hypothesis
  • Thorough Background Research
  • Well-Designed Experimental Setup
  • Accurate Data Collection and Analysis
  • Conclusion with Implications
  • Visually Stunning Presentation
  • Adherence to Scientific Method
  • Originality and Creativity
  • Ethical Considerations


Consider the 5 MILSET ESI categories: Biological and Health Sciences, Pure & Applied Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Engineering-Computer Science-Robotics Applications, and Environment and Ecosystems!


Stay tuned for the official participant guide for permitted materials.