Journal on Science Engagement No. 2

Submitted on 2012/11/21


Russia’s Motto: Not Only to Show
What Has Been Done Before but to
Create New Things Together
The Russian MILSET Team

Of course, an EXPO Science is the result and outcome of youth's creative work in
science and technology, but a present-day expo is something more.

In the modern world of fast Communication, any result is a collective result. It is
achieved through joint work in close contact, meeting both personally and on the
Internet. Expos begin long before their participants gather together, as the participants
cooperate while preparing their projects, elaborate general standards and requirements,
which the projects have to meet. They also work together in international science
camps, on expeditions, at congresses and contests. Today we can more and more often
see the results of participants' joint work presented at the expos.

What brings success to an exhibition is a network of joint activities, the results
and achievements of which the exhibition sums up. And the members of MILSET have
managed to create such a network.